Ways to Give

Donors and sponsors help fulfill our mission. 100% of your donation goes toward serving the clients. You can make a big impact on children and adults with disabilities in our community. It is our mission to provide opportunities that allow for people with disabilities of all ages greater independence, self-sufficiency, and participation in our community. There are many ways to give that will both help us continue to offer life-changing services and programs, and help you meet your personal charitable goals.

Give Today!

Every dollar of your financial gift is designated to programming and services here at Tesh. Your support provides opportunities and experiences that enhance and change lives.

Attend or sponsor an event

This year we are making big changes here at Tesh! We have decided to combine our two major fundraising events (the spring benefit dinner and the fall luncheon) into one big celebration! This event will be fun for our donors, be the safest option possible for a large gathering, and hopefully allow us to raise more money to help more of our community!


Volunteers are an integral part of Tesh and play an invaluable role in the opportunities and services we are able to provide. Volunteer roles range from office help, assisting with events, or helping with building and vehicle maintenance.

Shop to give!

Help our clients when you shop! Support Tesh when you purchase items at our retail partners. Shop at AmazonSmiles, Fred Meyer, or the GoodShop and you can make a huge difference.

Planned giving

A charitable request provides an opportunity to give something back to your community, helping our programs and services long into the future.

Who is Tesh?

Tesh, Inc. is a private not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization offering choices and opportunities to people of all ages with disabilities seeking greater independence, self-sufficiency, and participation in their communities in North Idaho. Tesh, Inc. offers Child Development, Independent Living, and Employment programs to enhance individuals' opportunities for a full and meaningful life.

Why choose Tesh to receive your charitable dollars?

Charitable donations when made to a qualifying charity like Tesh result in a deduction on individual and corporate Federal and State tax returns. In addition, donations to Tesh, Inc. qualify you to receive a youth and rehabilitation facility state tax credit, even if you do not itemize.

How does the tax credit work?

When you make a donation to Tesh, Inc., that amount is deductible on your Federal and Idaho income tax returns as an itemized deduction, which reduces the amount of income tax due. You will also receive a credit against your Idaho income tax. The credit is limited to the smaller of the following: 50% of the amount contributed, 20% of your Idaho Tax due, or $100 ($200 if married filing a joint return.)

Individual Taxpayers Corporate Taxpayers
15% Bracket 25% Bracket $50-75K $75-100K
Single Married Single Married Income level Income Level
Donation Amount $200 $400 $200 $400 $1000 $1000
Federal Tax Savings ($30) ($60) ($50) ($100) ($250) ($340)
Idaho Tax Savings ($12) ($24) ($15) ($30) ($76) ($76)
Idaho Tax Credit ($100) ($200) ($100) ($200) ($500) ($500)
Total Savings ($142) ($284) ($165) ($330) ($826) ($916)
After Tax Cost to Donor $58 $116 $35 $70 $174 $84