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General News

Camp Independence

Working my way through college I was blessed to be a camp recruiter for the college I attended. That meant that I spent 10 weeks each summer at camps all over the western part of the United States.  I experienced such joy watching children playing, swimming, shrieking with laughter at something funny that had happened!…

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Personal Blankets and Throws Needed

As Tesh seeks to have the safety measures in place to provide the level of care our clients require, we have identified some gaps in our preparedness.  In the event our staff and clients were not able to leave the facility at the end of the day we are in need of throws/small personal blankets. …

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Why does Tesh host fundraising events?

I’m often asked why Tesh, Inc. hosts fundraising events.  The simple answer is we have to “bridge the gap”.  “Bridging the gap” for Tesh, Inc. is attending to the space between the rate of reimbursement set by our government funders and the cost of providing services to each individual and family who depends on us. …

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