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Posts by Frances Huffman

Personal Blankets and Throws Needed

As Tesh seeks to have the safety measures in place to provide the level of care our clients require, we have identified some gaps in our preparedness.  In the event our staff and clients were not able to leave the facility at the end of the day we are in need of throws/small personal blankets. …

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Developing “Soft Skills”

I entered the workforce as many do after my 16th birthday.  I wanted spending money and to begin saving for college and took my first job weeding peppermint fields.  I was on a crew with seasoned and experienced women who spent the summer educating me about the world of work.  Teamwork, dependability, attitude and communication…

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Labor Force Participation for Individuals with a Disability

In a thriving economy unemployment is low, labor force participation is high and those who want a job can have a job, unless you are an individual with a disability.  Even though the unemployment rate is dropping for people with disabilities, it is still twice that of the general population.  Hiring a person with a…

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Why does Tesh host fundraising events?

I’m often asked why Tesh, Inc. hosts fundraising events.  The simple answer is we have to “bridge the gap”.  “Bridging the gap” for Tesh, Inc. is attending to the space between the rate of reimbursement set by our government funders and the cost of providing services to each individual and family who depends on us. …

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