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Ticket to Work~Employment Network

Ability Works operates an Employment Network that is approved and recognized by the Social Security Administration.

Benefits Counseling






We work closely with SSI and Title II beneficiaries who are interested in learning about the impact of working on their benefits and exploring the advantages of returning to work.  Our highly trained experts will help you understand how earnings may impact your cash benefits, housing subsidies, health coverage and other benefits. After a thorough free consultation, if you decide that maximizing your income is best for you, we will help you to develop vocational goals and a plan to obtain employment.

Our Employment Specialists can even help you find the job that is right for you.  If yo have received a “Ticket to Work” in the mail from the Social Security Administration or just want to learn more, call Dave Jacobson at our Ability Works office at 208-292-0149. You will be under no obligation and Al information is kept strictly confidential.