Tesh Inc

Paid Work Trials

Designed for job seekers to get PAID to try out different kinds of jobs. Over 25 local businesses offer  work opportunities  and tasks that are unique to their field and workers learn skills that will be important in any job setting.

Clerical worker 1


Skills include attention to detail, team work, following directions, staying on task, punctuality, and appearance. Worker’s are paid minimum wage by Tesh and learn skills to help them become successfully employed in the community.

Businesses include auto detailing, retail, restaurant, grocery, book store, pet care, janitorial, housekeeping, clerical, and boat repair.

A qualified Training Specialist is on site to supervise 1-3 workers while they get hands-on experience. The result is practical information and experience about the preferences and skills of the individuals who want to go to work.

For more information, call Pam Harris at (208) 755-4909 or the Tesh office at 765-5105 and ask for information on our Work Trial Program.