Tesh Inc

Director of Operations

MaryBeth Ranum, Director of Operations

Ms. Ranum joined Tesh in June 2003 in the position of Director of Human Resources, Staff Development and Training. MaryBeth Ranum was promoted to the Director of Operations in October 2005.

As the Director of Operations, Ms. Ranum is responsible for the day-to-day operational infrastructure at Tesh. This includes Finance,  Information Technology,  Safety Management, and Human Resources.

Tesh is Ms. Ranum’s first employment experience with a not-for-profit rehabilitation agency. She has nearly twenty years of business experience, primarily in the telecommunications industry. She was self incorporated as a business consultant for two years. Ms. Ranum’s professional experience includes Personnel Management, Training, Staff and Organizational Development, Project Management, Product Management, Customer Service, Marketing, System Integration, Requirements Definition, Strategic Planning, and Facility Engineering. She has experienced several mergers and acquisitions; and was appointed to the system, product, and customer integration task force following the merger of MCI and Telecom*USA. She is a decisive, proactive leader with a track record of productivity and performance improvements through strategic and tactical planning and implementation.

Ms. Ranum has her Strategic Professional Human Resources Certification(SPHR).  She has her Masters in Human Resources Development and an MBA from Webster University. She received her Management Certification from the American Management Association. Ms. Ranum has over 150 hours of professional training in Human Resources, Personnel Management, Project Management, Leadership, and Customer Service. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Alabama where her Major was History, and her Minors were Marketing, International Business, and Spanish.